How to Do a Complete Vista Registry Cleaning

Windows Vista brought with it some of the most exciting and advanced features ever to grace a Windows OS. Unfortunately, it also brought with it some of the same troubles and problems that have plagued Windows ever since its inception. Most notable among these is of course the annoying Windows Registry.

Windows Registry

Veterans of Windows know that the Registry has always been the fly in the ointment of otherwise well-made Windows operating system. In theory, the Registry is a good idea: It is a handy database of frequently used files that are meant to be within easy grasp of the CPU. Unfortunately, the Registry has always been susceptible to crowding, fragmentation, and other issues that slow your computer down to a crawl.

Cleaning the Registry

Windows knows how wonky its Registry can be and how it can negatively affect a computer’s performance. That is why they include a built-in Registry repair system with each installation. Vista is no exception. Unfortunately, the built in Registry repair wizard rarely fixes the problem and this is why there is a vast amount of third party Vista registry cleaning software available. In a sad irony, the prevalence of these programs makes it so that it can be hard to choose the best Windows Registry repair software, when in a perfect world the OS wouldn’t make such a problem so widespread in the first place.

Choosing the Right Software

At any rate, the first option you should always try is the built-in Registry repair. It doesn’t always work but in some cases it does. If it does work, you’ve saved yourself money, since the third party software typically costs between thirty and fifty dollars and more in some cases. In plenty of circumstances, though, a third party is needed and this is when it gets tricky. Try looking online at reviews before purchasing any, or at least pay particular credence to more reputable companies. PC Health Advisor, for instance, delivers a wide array of registry repair and cleaning capabilities backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Registry Mechanic is another great brand and both them and PC Health Advisor provide easy installation, a major perk in registry cleaning software.

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