PC Health Advisor Startup Manager

The programs that auto start when you boot your computer may surprise you. Thousands of software companies have part of their software pre-load or sections of the program load right when you turn your computer on. By simply stopping a few of these programs that you do not use often you can take back a ton of your computing power.

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As You Can tell from the video The startup Manager can be very important in speeding up your PC. We Removed over twenty startup items from our computer and it did make a world of difference. Now when we open up multiple programs on our test computer it moves between them far faster. This is perhaps the biggest increase in performance that you will get from PC Health Advisor.

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The best thing to keep in mind when you are removing items from your startup menu is to only remove programs that you know you do not want to auto-start.  If for instance you see an executable or file name you do not recognize I recommend you do not remove it.  Just remove the program you are familiar with first and see how much of a performance boost you get.  If you want to remove more later you can.  You may also Google the executable name to find out what program that file belongs to.  This tends to be very helpful.

I would also just remove maybe 3 at a time and re-boot after each one.  It makes troubleshooting any issues that much easier.

The only way for you to truely know if this program is for you is to download the free trial and run a scan. Be sure to check out our PC Health Video Review or the other videos and guides we placed on this site so you can get the most out of the program.

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