PC Health Advisor Restore Point Manager

A restore point is a snap shot of your computer settings from the date you created that restore point. They are to be used in-case something goes wrong with the installation of software or if the users does something they should not.

While Windows does have it’s own restore point interface, PC Health Advisor also has a slick interface were you can easily manage these restore points from.

Watch our Video the Restore Point Manager

As shown in the video it’s very easy to use the PC Health Advisor restore point manager.  I personally use the restore manager once every other month.  It works great to help remove virus infections, damage done from installing or uninstalling a program, resetting defaults back to normal and so much more.

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I really can’t over state how important this tool is.  It will save your butt time and time again when something goes wrong.

You should keep in mind that doing a system restore will not remove any personal files.  It will however uninstall any programs you have installed after the restore date you choose.  So if you install an antivirus client and it seems to of messed up your whole computer you can just run a system restore and un-do any damage done.

In some cases a restore point may not work.  If that is the case you can always try an alternative restore point.  If you are every trying to do anything on your computer and a program just stops working or something is giving you problems but was working perfectly the day before, the first thing I would try is a system restore.  You will be glad you did.

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