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One thing everyone wants is to protect your privacy online and off line. What you type into chat logs and the web pages you go to are private. Do you really want others who use your computer to see every website you check out on a daily basis or be able to view your chat logs. The answer is no. As part of our PC Health Advisor review we look into the privacy Tool for you and show you how to use it.

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Privacy is important to everyone. Help protect that privacy by removing all the traces you leave behind when you use your computer. If anyone sits down on your computer they can view every website you went to, every chat log, movies you have watched and a whole lot more. Keep your information private by using PC Health Advisor.

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Deleting this information from your computer will also clean up space. All the programs you have downloaded and every image you have viewed online is on your computer. By erasing that information and cleaning up the clutter you can help to increase the overall long term performance of your computer.

You can also do other things proactively to help protect your identity.  You may wish to clear out your browsing history every time you close your browser.  This can be done under the setting options of your browser.  Some people like to delete all cookies after every computer session as well.  Personally I keep all my cookies because I normally want a website to remember my computer as it saves time re-verifying who I am.

PC Health Advisor does also scan your running processes to see if you are infected with a virus.  This is a nice added benefit to the program.  I would not consider it full protection but it’s great as a second layer of defense in addition to your current anti-virus software.

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