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PC Health Advisor is much more then a registry cleaner.  With this program you are able to really dive into the guts of your computer and resolve/tweak many Windows related items.

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One of the biggest reasons for computers slowing down and taking forever to boot up is the amount of programs that auto start.  Nearly every program you install want’s to auto start with your computer so you use that program.  The problem here is they all add up.  Sure you may use Skype, Kodak Easy Share and Quickbooks but do you use them every day?  If not they should not auto start when your computer boots.  You will simply open them when you want to use those programs.


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PC Health Advisor has a Startup Manager that let’s you easily pick and choose what programs you want to auto start.  I had nearly 30 programs that auto started and eliminated all but 6 of them.  This gave my computer a very nice boost in speed.

This program has several other very nice features that you can take advantage of.  The Driver Manager checks all your computer drivers to ensure you are up to date.  This helps to eliminate many compatibility issues and fixes bugs.

The process manager let’s you see what processes are currently running on your computer.  This is a handy tool if you are trouble shooting a system error.

Duplicate Finder allows you to scan your computer and remove duplicate files.  Normally this is used if you have big files that are duplicated across your computer and you need to clean up space.

The built in Defrag tool organizes your computer so the data can be read faster on the hard drive and thus access and pull the data faster for you.

There are several other nice tools built into the program but by now you get the point.  Your best bet is to take this program for a test drive yourself and see how well it works for you.

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