Don’t Let A Slow Computer Slow You Down

Tired of a slow computer? This might be the computer’s way of saying it is clean up time! There are many reasons why a computer gets slow. Read on to know the reasons this slows down a computer and the corresponding solutions to fix these problems.
1.    The most common reason behind a computer getting slow is because the computer gets stuffed with junk data like temporary files, cookies, cache files, etc. These junk files use up a lot of the CPU space of your computer, thus affecting its performance. You can remove the junk files by the following steps:

•    Start–>Control Panel–>Network and Internet–>Internet Options
•    You will get a window named “Internet Properties”, then click on the “General” tab and under the “Browsing History” click the “Delete” button.
•    Delete all by clicking “Yes” and then click “Ok” to finish the cleanup.

2.    You have many different types of applications, software, games, etc. installed in your computer which you hardly use. These things eat up disk space and RAM, slowing down your computer. To remove any unwanted programs or applications here are the steps:

•    Go to Start–>Control Panel–>Programs, Then with the help of add/remove programs utility uninstall all the programs that you no longer use and are sitting ideal on your computer.
•    To completely remove the program/application open My Computer–> “C” Drive–>Program Files. Delete the folder which contains the program you want to remove. This will remove the program completely from your PC. To complete the process restart your PC once.
•    You should also empty the recycle bin regularly.

3.    You should run a defragment disk at least once a week on your computer.  This will help the computer to reorganize files and file paths in order to run more efficiently.  You can start defragmenting using the following method:

•    Go to “My Computer”
•    Now right click on the local disk volume you want to defragment, click on “Properties”.
•    Open the “tools” tab and click “Defragment Now”
•    Click “Defragment”

4.    If you use internet intensively on your computer chances are that your computer might have picked up some malicious programs or software. These can affect the performance of your computer and can also lead to system crash. To solve this problem install a good antivirus software and scan your computer. Before you download any antivirus do a quick research on it. The best way is to read reviews by genuine users. Removal of malicious programs can immediately speed up computer. PC Health Advisor offers a free trial and is a great antivirus software.

5.    Overheating of your computer can also slow down your computer. The hardware of the computer gets affected when the PC gets over heated, thus affecting the performance. Every computer has got an inbuilt fan which helps to keep the processor cool. But due to accumulation of dirt, dust, etc. at times the fan gets clogged and is not able to do its work properly. You can avoid this by keeping your computer clean.

If going through these steps has not helped you, feel free to try the free version of PC Health Advisor. This program can also help you with getting your computer up to speed, as well as keeping it that way.

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