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PC Health Advisor Review


Our PC Health Advisor review is the most in-depth one around. We have turned this program up side down and inside out to explain all the features and will provide you with an un-biased review of the product.

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PC Health Advisor is the latest PC optimization and security evaluation software published by ParetoLogic. With this software it is possible to optimize the speed at which the Windows operating system is running, protect a PC against malware infections and conduct various other maintenance activities with the help and support of the bonus tools built-in alongside this product. Due to the fact that PC Health Advisor is considered as an all-in-one computer optimization software suite the immediate advantages offered are that it is not required to purchase any other auxiliary software in order to ensure both speed and stability of a specific Windows operating system installation.


While PC Health Advisor is considered a very powerful product, its intuitive setup is considered a very important factor in the way that non-technical Windows users adapt to the usage of this software. With just a few clicks during the setup wizard PC Health Advisor will be completely installed on your PC and ready to run for the first time.


After starting PC Health Advisor for the first time, the main graphical interface of the product indicates that the health of the local PC is unrated, reason why it is recommended to conduct an initial scan of the entire system. The intuitive and easy to use interface presents a main button that clearly states “Click here to scan” in the same initial panel, reason why the speed at which a new user of this software can actually start to benefit from its features is much faster then any other similar product at this level.


As the first scanning of the system is started, PC Health Advisor will clearly indicate its level of progress as well as the total number of problems it has identified as part of the current operating system health and consistency check. The Windows Registry, currently running Processes and other Security aspects of the operating system are the main parts of the scanning procedures deployed by PC Health Advisor in an attempt to identify all major problems that the operating system bay be manifesting. The complete scan, on an average PC hardware setup, takes somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes, reason why it is extremely fast to identify major issues that could represent the cause of a general operating system clutter or lack of performance.


Immediately after the initial scan has been completed, all identified problems are listed divided according to their respective categories:


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Not only that it is possible to quickly click on the respect optimization action button corresponding to each set of identified problems but the GUI of PC Health Advisor offers also more advanced features such as selecting the problems that will be fixed, allowing for a wide range of custom maintenance tasks to be carried out by veteran system administrators.


For average PC users, it is recommended to click on the “Fix All” button due to the fact that as intuitive as it may sound this feature will simply take care of all identified problems without requiring any custom or particular knowledge of the tasks carried out by the automatic software components responsible for the optimization processes.


In most cases, after the initial cleaning and system optimization the Health State indicator on the Home page of PC Health Advisor will read “High”. This is actually the best level at which all operating systems should be kept at with the help of the optimization suite offered by this product.


While the system is in a perfect health condition, users are advised to benefit from the auxiliary tools embedded into PC Health Advisor while carrying out daily maintenance and system management tasks. Some of these tools are:


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With a wide range of tools and customizable settings, PC Health Advisor is one of the best candidates for the role of default optimization and security products that every Windows user should benefit from.


Conclusion: Watch our full Video Review and look into the features of this program before you make a purchase. Download the free trial and see what the scan finds for you. Everyone is different and there is a chance this program may not be for you. However to date this is the BEST registry cleaning and PC optimization tool that ParetoLogic has come out with to date. It blows all other programs these guys have made out of the water. While it's not for everyone. We will keep using it because it's simple and it works.


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Take Home Points:

Registry Cleaner
In-Depth Look


Optimize Speed and Performance




PC Health Advisor monitors processes and boosts performance by managing Startup items, cleaning the Windows registry and defragging your PC.


Optimize Windows

In-depth Written and Video Review on this Feature


Clean Up Junk Files


Get rid of what you don’t need! Remove duplicate documents, temporary files, Internet browser cache and history, as well as browser add-ons.

Take a look at how this program cleans junk files and protects your Privacy


Increased Security




PC Health Advisor removes malware running in active processes and cleans your Internet privacy files.



One of the few System tools out there that can scan for active malware as well as PC maintenance


Registry Cleaning


Registry Cleaning
With PC Health Advisor, it is easy to manage restore points, schedule scans and defragging, and adjust Windows settings.

Registry Cleaning

See how this program scans and cleaning the Windows Registry


Professional Support


While rare you may need additional support for installation or general help on the program. You get free professional support with the purchase of this program
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